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I have been doing a lot to improve my jumps! But it seems like nothing is working... Do you have any drills for me to do that can help?


Great job commiting to your sport and your own skills. With that great work ethic, your jumps will be looking great in the near future.

Specifically, make sure you are doing your jumps on a regular basis. Repetition is key to improving! Besides doing the jumps, make sure you are working on your flexibility (stretching & calisthenics) and your strength. Use light weights or resistance training to make your legs and core stronger. That, plus increased flexibility will have you jumping all over the floor in no time!

Date posted:  06/26/2015

I tried out for the cheer team at my school this spring and I did not make the team. Do you have any advice for me to make it on the cheer team next year?


Tryouts are an intense couple days in every cheerleader or dancer's life. Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail. Failure is okay. It can teach you things about your sport and about yourself in the process.

If you are committed to wanting to be on the cheer team next season, talk to the coach respectfully and ask what you need to improve on for next year's tryout to be considered for the team. With that knowledge, it's time to go to work.

Use local gyms to practice your skills (tumbling and stunting), practice your motions in fornt of a mirror or video camera so you can see what areas you need to improve on.

When it comes time for tryouts next year, make sure you show up with confidence, a smile, and the ability to show the coach you are ready to work with them over the next season.

Good luck!

Date posted:  05/29/2015

Cheer is a huge part of my life! And I really want to make a team in college! Would college coaches like or dislike me emailing them and asking what skills would really help me make the team?


College coaches absolutely want you to reach out to them. They are pretty busy normally, so by you taking the time to email them about yourself and their program, they know you are interested and are mature enough to start a dialog about their cheer program.

Some things to ask could be:

  • Skills required
  • Skills desired
  • Time commitment during the school year
  • Possibility of joining a fraternity or sorority
  • Number of potential open spots on the roster for next season
  • Clinics or open gyms to meet and interact with existing team members


Date posted:  05/14/2015

I want to tryout for my high school cheer team this year. I'm a male with no tumbling experience, will this effect my tryout?


First thing to do, go talk to your potential new coach and tell them you are interested in trying out. Chances are they will bring up discussing skills before you do.

The lack of tumbling may have an effect, but most high school cheer teams don't require tumbling so that should be ok. 

Date posted:  05/12/2015
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