Being a Cheerleader – Captains and Officers

Being a Cheerleader – Captains and Officers

Congratulations! In earning the captain/officer spot, you’ve shown tremendous dedication and leadership.

As you know, this role requires the utmost poise and maturity. We’re here to provide some pointers to help you set a positive example for your team and rock your captain role with confidence! 

Be motivated. Your coach and teammates will often look to you to keep practice moving. Maintain efficiency and focus by helping with any task necessary. From the moment you roll out the mats to the moment the last stunt lands, keep your head in the game. Lead by example and your teammates will surely follow.

Be dependable. Be someone that others can count on. This means showing up on time, maintaining a positive attitude, and volunteering to help outside of practice. When your coach assigns tasks, complete them promptly.

Be cooperative. Think of yourself as a mediator, not an instigator. Listen to your what your coaches and teammates have to say and try to remain flexible and collaborative.

Be responsible. This is the tough part. Part of your job is to keep the team in line. Positive energy is key. You may need to be stern at times, but try to keep your tone upbeat -- even while course correcting an unruly team.

We know this position can be difficult at times. But, you’re not alone! You should always feel free to go to your advisor/coach when you need guidance or advice. Even if you have concerns about whether the captain spot is right for you, your coaches are there to help.