Mascots – Skits

Mascots – Skits

Looking for a simple skit? Here are some great ideas from other mascots! Remember, you can always build on a skit that is designed for one mascot and make it a two-mascot skit. The more fur the better! Just brainstorm a bit, and if something sounds good, build on it!

This skit would probably work best at a pep rally in a basketball gym. Have about five different people seated around the gym in different areas. Then, come out to a familiar dance song. Dance around the gym and start to grab the seated people and take them to the middle of the court. Tell them to act like they are surprised and embarrassed that they are getting pulled out onto the court. Once all five people are with you at center court, you should continue to dance around while they stand there acting like they have no idea what is going on. Then, you all start to bust out in a synchronized dance. The crowd would love it, since they think that these people were just randomly selected. It is important that you practice the dance many times before putting on the skit, so that it looks sharp. It would probably work even better if one of the people that you “randomly” select is a principal or teacher.

“A Love Story”
This is a love skit where the boy can’t decide if he loves the girl or not. Do a parody of Usher’s “You remind me.” Act out the song, and do some kind of dance routine with it too. You could even splice some songs together if you didn’t only want to do that song. Maybe Alicia Key’s “Fallin,” Bobby Vinton’s “Roses are Red,” or R. Kelly’s “If I could Turn Back the Hands of Time.” Act out each song.
Play Blu Cantrell’s “Hit em up Style.” The boy breaks up with the girl. Then the girl takes his poster board-size credit cards to the mall. After that, the boy does a dance to the Notorious BIG and Puffy’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems.”

“The Ugliest Monster”
Mascot should be sitting down in a chair and have a sheet over the head. Have an announcer pick people out of the audience to come up and view “The ugliest monster known to man!” As each person comes up and lifts the sheet and takes a look at the “monster,” they fall down and pretend to pass out. After about five or six people have passed out, have a member of your faculty come up and take a look under the sheet. Then, the  mascot passes out from seeing that “hideous looking” person or the mascot falls over, then gets up and starts running from the faculty member. Of course, the people being picked out of the audience will have to be prearranged. Be careful who you select to be the “ugly” faculty member (your grades may depend on it)!

“Cheating Mascot”
Mascot walks out with a girl and flirts around with her to “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch.” Then the mascot leaves that girl to go and dance with a group of girls a few feet away to the Jay-z song “Girls, Girls, Girls” (use the clean version). The first girl starts to act like she is frustrated and mad. The next song to come on is “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks. The girl shakes her finger as the mascot looks in dismay that his girl caught him cheating. Then the girl walks off, and the mascot is left there alone while “Gone” by Nsync plays. Mascot pretends to cry and sulk.

Night onthe Town”

1. Come out to a “Jock Jams” like song such as “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.” Dance around and get the crowd involved by clapping.
2. Pick a fast beat song that someone would work out to. Some suggestions might be “Butterfly” by Crazytown, “Sandstorm” by Darude, “Bombs over Bagdad” by Outcast, “Rollin” by Limp Biskit, and “Party Up” by DMX. During this part, you can do push-ups, lift dumbbells, or do jumping jacks. There are all kinds of small weightlifting items that you can use as props. Just before the end of the song, look down and smell your armpits, acting like you are stinking of sweat.
3. Your next song should be “Splish-Splash I Was Taking a Bath.” Then, since you just worked out, pretend to take a shower while dancing around. Some possible props should be rubber duckies, shampoo, soap, etc. Then just before the song is about to cut off, grab a towel and start to dry off.
4. The next song should be “So Fresh, So Clean” by Outcast. Have a choreographed dance that will really amaze the crowd. Maybe get a mirror and pretend to be primping or flexing in the mirror.
5. To end the skit, you just want to pick a song that you can sort of dance to before you exit. Try “Pop” by Nsync, “Closing Time” by Semisonic, or another oldie “Goodnight Sweetheart, it’s time to Go.”
You should only use about 25-30 seconds of each song, and make sure to only use the clean parts of the songs!

“Trojan Horse”
One idea for a simple structured skit would be to disguise your mascot as an object to lure your rival and then disrobe as soon as it appears to attack.
For example, while playing suspenseful music, cover your mascot with a colored sheet or cover and pretend to be a worm, fish, etc. Have the opposing mascot peck at the appetizer, and as soon as the bird gets close enough, attack, safely knocking down the bird.
This skit can be varied to include different objects to hide behind and can be changed to be appropriate for most mascots.

“Wrestling Match”
You know the “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting” Song? You can start off having someone dressed up as the opposing mascot and have an arm wrestling match using that song. Have the mascot arm wrestle the opposing mascot for a big fake wrestling belt. A girl can have a sign saying “Round One,” and stand behind the prize. After a moment or two of arm wrestling, the opposing mascot points for the guy mascot to look the other way and when the he does, the opposing mascot runs and grabs the prize, and the music changes to the “Bad Boys” Cops song. The home team mascot grabs a police hat and hand cuffs and runs around. The lights (if you are in a gym) should go out, and if possible have a strobe light come on searching for the opposing mascot. In the end your mascot wins, and the prize is restored! The bad mascot is led off the field in disgrace! Try it. It works for most mascots!!

“Stealing the Girl”
My college (and many others) ALWAYS play the song “Heeeeyyyyyyy, Hey baby, I want to knowww, will you be my girl!?!” Each time they play it...get down on one knee in front of a different cheerleader each time and pretend that you are singing to her, and get the crowd to sing the lyrics. Have her sit on your
knee even. Then, after the song is over, carry her off (but bring her back). Then walk away with a strut-type walk. The way that the crowd reacts is great!
-Kentucky COLONEL
“Cupid’s Date”
Last Valentine’s Day at a basketball game, I set up a table (a towel on an upside-down garbage can) with two chairs. Then, I came out with angel wings and a Nerf gun (I was a pseudo-Cupid). I hit a guy and a girl with arrows, and brought them up to a dinner of popcorn from the concession stand. Then I dragged a saxophone player over to play for them as I made them dance. They were sufficiently embarrassed. For their trouble, I gave them T-shirts, and a good time was had by all.

“Mascot Magic”
1.Something to use as a magic wand like a colorful baton.
2. A cape (Luckily, I had one but you can use a sheet).
3. Brightly colored paper
4. A “magic” hat - like the “Cat in the Hat” hats or just a top hat.

Here’s what you do:

1. Get a piece of paper that is small enough to fit in the hat you have, but big enough for the crowd to read. With the paper on one side, you write the name of the team that you’re playing. Show it to the crowd, making sure they read it.
2. Fold it up, and put the paper in your hat. Put your cape in front of it hiding the hand from the crowd and move your hand over the hat. Hit the top of it with the wand after moving the cape.
3. On the other side of the paper, have something like LOSERS written on it. This way, when you pull it out it will look to the crowd like you “transformed” the paper.