Coaches – Tryouts

Coaches – Tryouts

All of the details of running a cheerleading tryout can be a little overwhelming, but not if you have an itemized checklist of what you will need to be prepared for the big day. Here’s a sample checklist with links to more information to get you organized and ready for your tryout!

6 weeks prior
  • Have administration approve tryout process, judging forms,etc. 
  • Select tryout date.
  • Reserve the gym for clinics and tryouts (this may affect your date).
  • Contact Varsity Spirit at 800-238-0286 or your State Director for judges.
  • Contact your Varsity or CDT Sales Representative at 800-533-8022 to set up a sizing appointment.
  • Find your Varsity rep!
4 weeks prior
  • Submit morning announcements.
  • Post hall announcements.
  • Confirm judges.
  • Confirm faculty help (tabulators, etc.).
  • Make copies of applications, constitution, and other forms needed to apply. Tips on writing your squad’s
  • constitution.
  • Send information sheets and directions to judges.
2 weeks prior 

  • Get tryout material together. Ask your outgoing senior class cheerleaders to make up material or learn the cheers and dance on the Tryout DVD.
  • Request judges’ checks (at some schools, this can only be done after the tryout).
1 week prior 

  • Schedule a pre-tryout meeting to talk about the upcoming season so both potential candidates and their parents will know what they are getting into before they tryout. Join a discussion about what to cover at the meeting.
Week of

  • Pre-tryout clinic.
  • Make copies of judging forms.
  • Make numbers for candidates.
  • Call or email judges to remind them of the tryout (Yes, they should remember, but the success of the tryout is ultimately your responsibility!)
Day of
  • Confirm that the gym is open and the lights are on with school custodian.
  • Set up the judges’ table.
  • Post/announce candidates.