Mascots Rock!

Mascots Rock!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity? Being a Mascot character is the closest that most people will get. Along with the celebrity status comes responsibility. Check out the following tips from the NCA mascot, Tuffy the Tiger, and be a responsible role model AND a community celebrity!

Responsibility to your School
The number one priority of any mascot should be carrying a positive image by maintaining a high standard of sportsmanship and positive conduct.

Responsibility to your Community
The positive effect on your community doesn’t stop when the game is over. As a character that is seen by everyone you must continue to be a positive role model in and out of character.

Responsibility to your Crowd
As a mascot you have the responsibility of entertaining your crowd as well as being a positive influence while leading them in school spirit and promoting good sportsmanship.

Responsibility to Yourself
By accepting the mascot position, you must remain dedicated at all times to do your very best.