2011 UCA Summer Camps

2011 UCA Summer Camps

The Lewis Palmer Camp Experience

1. Where is your squad from, and where did you attend camp?
We are from Monument, CO. The Lewis Palmer High School Rangers! We went to camp in Greeley, CO. at UNC

2. Why did you choose to attend a UCA Camp?
It was in a different location than where we had gone before, and I graduated from UNC and thought it would be a fun environment

3. Of all the material at camp, what was your squad’s favorite cheer, dance, or sideline they learned? Why?
Favorite sideline was the “Defense push ‘em back” and cheer was “we’re UCA, we’re blue and gold”! They like the defense sideline because of the fun motions and the UCA cheer because it gets the crowd pumped up! They also loved the wipeout dance because it was a lot of fun to do!

4. Who was your favorite UCA Staff member? Why?
Our team had 2 favorites! One was our Big Sister Stephanie! She was fun and gave them little tips that really helped them mentally understand what they needed to do physically! The other favorite was Shuvan! He was so sweet and remembered us from the year before… also, his favorite color is ORANGE so the team loved him!

5. What was your squad’s favorite part of UCA Camp? Why?
Stunt class was their favorite! They like getting a different perspective from the UCA staff instead of us coaches always yelling at them! ;-)

6. As a coach, what was your favorite part of UCA Camp? Why?
My favorite part of this camp was the Beach Bash! For me it was fun for our team to see us in a fun environment instead of always being the tough guy! ;-) The team also took the Gatorade coolers and poured the freezing water on my assistant and myself! We ended up getting them back! That whole night was a huge team builder for my team and it was fun! I love what a team can gain in relationship at camp…not just physical tricks!

7. Did your team win any awards while at UCA Camp? What were they?
We won a couple different things! We had one of our girls win the jump off! We also won the relay during Beach Bash. The biggest award we won was the leadership award! It was such an honor to know that the other teams had voted for us as the team that demonstrated the most leadership and as the team they would want to be on if they were NOT on their team! I was so proud…such a huge honor!

8. What did your squad take away from UCA Camp?
My squad really bonded during camp, and grew as a team not just as individuals! My goal every year for camp is for them to have to go outside of themselves and learn to love and care for others! They made some new friends on their own team along with other squads…and I couldn’t ask for more!

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