2011 NCA/NDA Christmas Extravaganza

2011 NCA/NDA Christmas Extravaganza

NCA/NDA Christmas Extravaganza Parade Day!

Today was parade day in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and after much anticipation, it was everything I had hoped for and more! This morning began early with one last practice. Buffy and Jeff began running the routine slowly count by count, moving up to tempo and then adding with music. And much to our astonishing eyes would appear 500 performers all perfect with cheer! The performance was ready.

Once practice was over, I enjoyed eating lunch with my buddy group. We talked about everything we did yesterday in the parks and our favorite Disney Characters… Mickey and Cinderella were the favorites, Belle and Ariel closely followed. The buses arrived soon after and we loaded with our buddy groups to head to backstage Disney! While in transit, my bus practiced the routine while singing the music… yes, our bus was shaking! Can’t wait to see the video!

Backstage Disney was one of the highlights of my day, second to the actual parade. A couple of my buddies taught our whole group a step routine. Not only can we dance, cheer and put on one heck of a parade, but we have rhythm too! We hung out backstage Disney for a while and then our call came… Parade time!

Everyone lined up and we began our journey to Main Street, USA. Many young kids, including little girls dressed up as princesses, were in awe as 500 cheerleaders and dancers walked by waiving and giving high fives. We almost made it to our performance spot but were stopped right in front of Cinderella’s Castle while the group in front of us finished their performance. But, all of the waiting was well worth it, Mario Lopez walked right in front of us and we got to watch him film parts of the parade!

And finally, all of the traveling, practicing and waiting paid off. We spirited up to Disney’s Main Street, USA and put on a great performance! The routine looked incredible… energy, smiles, ripples, stunts… every piece came together. The crowd absolutely loved us!

Today was the opportunity of a life time! As a first timer at the NCA/NDA Disney Christmas Extravaganza I am still completely blown away by all of the wonderful things that have happened this week. Well beyond the performance today, there are many memories that I will always treasure from this week. But, before I get too sentimental, it’s not over yet! Tomorrow morning we will all be together one last time for breakfast with the Disney characters.

Make sure to check in for one more blog tomorrow. Good night for now!