Varsity Spirit Fashion

Varsity Spirit Fashion

Letterman Jacket Love

There is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving your school “letter” from your coach after completing your first year of Varsity cheer or dance.  Even more exciting is putting that letter (and your accompanying chevrons) down the sleeve of your Varsity Spirit Fashion letterman jacket

Alyssa Hyberger, a Dickson County High School senior, was thrilled to get her Varsity letterman jacket last year.

“The letterman jacket is the best thing I’ve ever gotten from Varsity!  It’s that sort of thing I’ll definitely keep for years and years after high school to look back on my four years of cheer!”

Traditionally worn by high school and college athletes, the letterman represents the dedication to your sport and commitment to bettering yourself and your team. While this time old tradition dates back to the late 1800s, Varsity keeps things fresh and current with modern features, fabrics and fit.

Alyssa’s three letterman loves?

  1. Sailor Collar:  One of the most traditional features is also the most recognized.  Alyssa’s sailor collar distinguishes her sport and identifies her school involvement with “cheerleader” sewn across the back. 
  2. Chevrons:  Alyssa says that for such a small piece of fabric, the chevrons mean so much.  “These are an awesome addition because each one represents a whole year of hard work and dedication to my school.”
  3. Fabric:  Varsity offers a wide array of jacket and letter fabrics from classic wool and chenille to leather and naugahyde.  Alyssa’s letterman is the most comfortable and warm jacket she owns, and with a 24-ounce wool body, we can see why!

For Alyssa, her big wool letterman makes her feel like a true high school cheerleader.  Contact your rep today to customize your letterman jacket and click here to begin designing your very own piece of a timeless tradition.