Varsity Spirit Fashion

Varsity Spirit Fashion

MotionFlex Madness

March is the perfect month to plan your team’s next uniform! Before you get started picking out your favorite designs, we want you to give you the inside scoop on the fabric and material that sets Varsity uniforms apart from the rest! This week, we’re all about MotionFLEX®, and there’s no denying the versatility of these uniforms.

What is MotionFLEX®? This exclusive Varsity Spirit Fashion technical fabric is designed for cheerleaders by cheerleaders. This material was created to flex and form to the athlete’s figure while stretching for each and every skill a cheerleader performs.

What’s the big deal? Light but durable, these uniforms can be layered in fun and affordable packages to make the perfect long-sleeve bodyliner performance wear. With this fabric, the design and contoured braiding options include metallics, rhinestones and fun unique colors. The bodyliner and shell packages allow your team to have a uniform for every temperature and season that looks great on the sideline and on the mat.

What about practicewear & undergear? This year, we’ve got you covered with our newest collection of athletic wear – our Varsity Sport® line of Sports Bras and Shorts. Sleek and supportive, this practice fabric is made of 100% MotionFLEX® and is durable to wear all season long. Pair it up with a sleek tank or tee to create a custom and sharp practice looks. The shorts have been designed with a bit of extra length to provide coverage and flexibility of the fabric. Your athletes will make these items your go-to performance staple accessories this season.

Want to see and feel what makes MotionFLEX® so great? Call your local Varsity rep today to see it for yourself!