NDA Fall 2012

NDA Fall 2012

NDA’s Courtside Choreography By: Jessica Green


Basketball season brings on a new crowd and a new stage.  Take into consideration your new surroundings when performing your routines mid-court.  Here are a few tips to light up the stage with a fresh new look.

Costumes & Uniforms

  • During basketball season your crowd will be up-close and personal.  Uniforms can have much more detail and pizazz to compliment your performance.
  • Also take into consideration the lighting.  Bright lights tend to compliment darker costumes and accessories.

Crowd Pleasing Choreography

  • Basketball courts provide a great surface for turns and tricks. Jazz routines and hip-hop choreography can utilize the court surface to make a stand out performance.
  • The close proximity of the stands can also contribute to the performance area.  Use the crowd and stands in your choreography to get creative with your entrance and exit to the performance.

Props & Pass-outs

  • Being close to your fans can be exciting, and can also make props more effective.  Use smaller props like flowers, scarves, and handheld items to spice up your performance.
  • When you are finished performing or during your routine toss out candy and something that relates to your theme to get the crowd on their feet!