2013 UCA Summer Cheerleading Camps

2013 UCA Summer Cheerleading Camps

Continuing Camp at Home August 9, 2013

The final days of summer are upon us, which means it’s time to start preparing to go back to school. While you may have spent your summer laying by the pool, it’s time to remember all of the awesome things you learned at UCA Camp this summer!

Team Bonding

Camp was a great way to kick off the summer, and an even better way to bond with your teammates. How often do you get to spend all hours of the day working together to achieve a common goal, while having fun? Take all of those team building activities and games you participated in at camp, and incorporate them into practice or hold a team bonding activity outside of practice. This can help your bond grow even stronger all season long!

New Friendships

You met so many new people at camp, and it was easy because you all share the same passion-cheerleading! Let this carry over into your season, and make a point to go meet the opposing team’s cheerleaders at every game, especially if you are the home team. Make them feel welcome! Who knows? Maybe it will be a team you met at camp!

Squad Notebook

At camp you received a Squad Sotebook-this is the ultimate manual for your season! The Squad Notebook includes sheets for practice, weekly assignments, safety rules, and worksheets to help improve games and spirit raising activities. Set your squad expectations and goals on your C.L.A.S.S. worksheets, and go back at the end of the season to see how many you achieved! Coaches - your Advisor Manual has everything you need to know for a successful season-keep it handy, you never know when you might need it!

New Stunts

With the new rule changes came even more flexibility for new, innovative stunts. UCA camp focused on technique, progression, and safety, and now it’s time to take the stunts you mastered at camp and work them into game day material and routines-just like you did in your private coaching sessions! Incorporate simple stunts to get the crowd’s attention in your cheers, then use signs and poms while in the air so they know what to yell! Remember those cool new inversions you learned in stunt class? Those are perfect to incorporate into a routine at a pep rally or competitions. Remember - safety always comes first! Be sure to visit cheersafe.com and recommit your squad to safety.

Game Day Preparation

UCA introduced the Game Day Championship at camp this year, and squads left feeling more prepared than ever to cheer their first game! Now is the time to review all of those cheers, sidelines, and dances that you learned at camp, and incorporate your own traditions into them. Before your first game, have your coach call out different game situations (similar to the Game Day Championship), and practice as though it is an actual game. Try to arrange a time to practice on the football sidelines before the first game. This way, rather than worrying about the little things at your first game, you can focus on leading your team to victory! We hope you feel prepared and ready to take on anything and everything this season after attending UCA Camp. Good luck and have a GREAT year!