USA Cheer All Americans

USA Cheer All Americans

The College STUNT Association, under the leadership of USA Cheer, has announced this season’s All Americans.

This year’s STUNT All Americans were selected by a committee of coaches from various regions along with several STUNT officials. Nominees for All American are athletes who exhibited superior skills and techniques as well as a good game sense and knowledge of STUNT, as well as be in good academic standing. They also needed to have participated in at least half of the games or tournaments for at least 50 percent of the routines.

“We continue to be extremely impressed with the athleticism of our STUNT All Americans,” says Bill Seely, Executive Director of USA Cheer. “They played a major role in the success of their teams and represented our sport with dignity and grace. As STUNT progresses, we are proud to salute the talented athletes who make up our sport.”

Twenty-four First Team All Americans were chosen for the 2014 season of STUNT, along with 24 Second Team All Americans and 20 Honorable Mentions; a full list can be found on

2013-14 First Team STUNT All Americans
Michele Bayer                                   Cal Poly
Alicia Clifton                                       Oklahoma City University
Hayley Cox                                          Texas A & M
Kayla Crawford                                 Oklahoma City University
Kaley Croke                                        University of Central Oklahoma
Amanda Cuccinello                          University of Delaware
Taylor Delozier                                  University of Oklahoma
Jackie Fabricatore                            University of Delaware
Kerissa Garlick                                   Sacramento State University
Brittani Hanna                                   Oklahoma City University
Sydney Lewis                                     Texas A & M
Halie Linberg                                      Oklahoma State University
Sarah Montreuil                               Davenport University
Karlee Morton                                  Oklahoma City University
Tiara Paisley                                       Davenport University
Mariana Pierson                               Menlo College
Kylie Quinn                                         University of Central Oklahoma
Carreline Register                            Florida State University
Mary Seals                                          Alma College
Kaitlyn Sexton                                   Hofstra University
Brianne Shafer                                  Alma College
Samantha Smith                               Oklahoma State University
Paige Thornton                                 Michigan State University
Char Walton                                       Davenport University

2013-14 Second Team STUNT All Americans
Emily Bratek                                       Florida State University
Taylor Calixto                                     Hofstra University
Emma Kate Cook                              University of Georgia
Sydney Cook                                      University of Central Oklahoma
Kaycee Dobbins                                                Florida State University
Lindsay Ford                                       Alma  College
Chelsea Garcia                                  Menlo College
Cierra Graham                                   Oklahoma City University
Brittiny Heusman                             University of Central Oklahoma
Brandy Michelle Jenkins                               University of Georgia
Karly Judkins                                      Oklahoma City University
Lauren Kitchens                                                Cal Poly
Alex Pena                                            Texas A & M
Viviana Pequeno                              Texas A & M
Jillian Powell                                       University of Central Oklahoma
Kylie Rush                                           Davenport University
Baily Sopjes                                        Alma College
Maggie Steele                                   Sacramento State University
Katie Teeling                                      St. Joseph’s University
Angela Trozzi                                     University of Delaware
Madison Turchin                              Oklahoma State University
Lauren Wells                                      University of Oklahoma
Shaley Witt                                         University of Oklahoma
Chantal Zambrana                           Oklahoma City University

In five years, STUNT has succeeded at the college and high school level and is the fastest growing female sport in the country. Twenty eight teams participated in its fourth season, which wrapped up with a National Championship in Oklahoma City.

For more information, contact Sheila Noone at 901-251-5959.

About USA Cheer
The USA Federation for Sport Cheering is a not-for-profit organization and is the national governing body for all disciplines of cheerleading. USA Cheer exists to serve the entire cheer community, including club cheering (All Star), traditional school based cheer programs and the new sport of STUNT. USA Cheer has three primary objectives: help grow and develop interest and participation in Cheer throughout the United States; promote safety and safety education for cheer in the United States; and represent the United States of America in international cheer competitions.