UCA & UDA 2017

UCA & UDA 2017

Benefits of Attending UDA Camp

Here at UDA we not only offer summer dance camp, but we offer an experience. An experience that dancers and coaches will never forget! UDA Camp is intended to help dance teams grow in their technical abilities but also grow as a unit and become stronger as a team.

One of the major benefits to attending UDA Camp is the amount of choreography and variety of styles we offer. We want your team to take home as much choreography as possible! This also allows for your team to explore different genres of dance that they may not be as familiar with or may not be as strong in. UDA offers different levels in different genres, so each dancer at camp learns a routine at their ability level.This is a great way for your dancers to dip their toes in new territory and expand their dance horizons. We want to help build well-rounded dancers and UDA Camp does exactly that!

At some point during each day at camp, UDA Staff will execute some type of team bonding exercise. Again, this will help your team get to know each other better not only on a dance level, but on a personal level as well. We encourage teams to set goals while at camp so they have something to work for throughout the year. When every dancer on a team comes together to reach a common goal, this strengthens their bond and really sets the tone for a great school year.

Another benefit includes the optional Home Routine competition. Though some teams elect to not participate in this optional competition, it is a great way for your team to work on performing and competing as a team before the school year even starts. This will also allow for your team to get some great feedback from the staff on not only technique, but performance and synchronization as well.

Not only is UDA Camp beneficial for the dancers, but the coaches get to take part in learning, too! The numerous coaches’ classes that we offer is a great way for coaches to interact with each other and even learn a thing or two from one another as well as from our awesome Head Instructors. Classes are taught by the Varsity University program and always leave room for roundtable discussion between the coaches. From stretching to game day prep, it is guaranteed that coaches will have plenty of information to pass along to their teams that will encourage them to strive for greatness!

As a staff, we truly care about our campers and we want to push them to be the best dancers they can possibly be. The individual attention our staff is able to give the campers really personalizes the entire camp experience and allows for staff and the dancers to create a bond that nothing can compare to!

Come experience UDA Camp! It will be one for the books!