USA 2017

USA 2017

This is Us

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” – Ancient Proverb

It’s so cliché, but TIME FLIES! It seems like only yesterday you and your best friend were figuring out how to pin your tryout number to your shorts! Savor every last moment of the season, from basketball playoffs to USA Nationals, as this team, now your forever family, will never get these silly, crazy, ecstatic, frustrating, hilarious, best-times-of-your-life moments as one group together ever again.

The story of your journey is one you will treasure in ten years when you are crazed at work and can’t find the important memo your boss gave you to review. Be sure to capture this year as best as possible. A beautiful video or scrapbook filled with good times will be the perfect gift to make or give at your end of the year banquet. Below are a few amazing moments in time that come to mind that you can include:

  • The nervousness in tryout pics
  • The excitement of getting fitted for your new uniforms
  • Your new stunt group working hard at a pre-camp spring training clinic
  • Having fun washing cars to raise money for the year
  • Camp!
    • Setting up your posters and snacks in your dorm or hotel
    • Fun in the pool
    • Crazy dress out at Rally Night or Class Competition night
    • United team feeling accomplished at the end of camp with ribbons and awards
  • Spirit Days
    • Remember how much fun it was to perform at the Rose Bowl during the UCLA game? No other feeling compares to rushing the field under the bright lights when our music is on. If you aren’t in Southern California, how about taking the court in front of thousands of fans at a basketball rally?
  • Football sideline fun
  • Camp dance at halftime – you’ll never forget the words or motions to the camp dance! Trust me – I’ve met people in random parts of the country who happened to go to USA Camp the same years I did and we always end up performing some portion of the camp dance! People think we’re crazy, but it’s truly hilarious and a great way to break the ice with someone who has shared a similar experience.
  • USA Regionals – remember how nervous you were to perform your routine that very first time?
  • Holiday parties were a blast
  • Theme practices were always a fun way to break up the monotony. How many superhero outfits have you thrown together at the last minute?
  • Include a pic of those crazy parent gifts, like the light up shoes, you thought you’d be too embarrassed to wear, but deep down had the BEST time running around at night in them dancing around with your teammates.
  • USA Nationals – sigh – the culmination of a long, worthwhile, crazy, amazing, inspired journey.

With all you go through in trying to keep up with assignments, projects, games, changing schedules, etc., remember that your team and coaches have been the one constant. Your coaches have always wanted the best for you. Sometimes it’s hard to see it when you are deep in it, but coaches work tirelessly to give you not only skills, but an experience that will live on in your heart forever. They want you to grow and have challenged you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Cherish these last few practices. Capture your story. Let the memories live in your heart forever.