USA 2017

USA 2017

Making Playoffs Extra “Extra”!

These are no ordinary games! Playoffs are the culmination of months of hard work, self-doubt, overcoming that doubt, and rallying together to make that final push. With so much more at stake and every game being do or die, it’s time to make each extra playoff game you get to be part of, well, simply extra!

Extra Pageantry.  There’s always a magical buzz in the air at every Super Bowl or World Series game. Besides there being so much at stake, the staff works hard to create an experience for each fan entering the venue. From bringing in extra banners to drape throughout the stadium to little surprises for the first pitch, you can translate these ideas into your own playoff games.

  • Make posters or cut outs of footballs on a stake (like the real estate signs) with each player’s number. Line the front of the school or entry into the parking lot with them to get players and fans excited about the big event!
  • Incorporate a new spirit prop, such as new flags like the colleges use to lead their team onto the field, with one letter per flag, such as “M,” “D,” “H,” and “S.” The bold color and the action of the flags popping up one by one with the flag runners proudly representing their schools from one end zone to the other fires up any crowd.

Extra Emotion. Watch any big game to realize how much the emotion of the crowd impacts the momentum on the field. Especially during the playoffs, no matter what the score, it’s imperative to keep your crowd engaged and invested. This emotional support starts way before kickoff!

  • The morning of the big game, about half an hour before school begins, work with your band to do a pick up rally. The band and cheerleaders lead a walk through the school, playing fight songs and picking up more and more students along the way. Get your football team and coaches to join in and end with your favorite traditional school yell in the middle of the courtyard! Release balloons in your school colors for an extra special ending.
  • Coordinate with your band and the game announcer a few days prior to the game to make sure you are all on the same page regarding who does what during which time-out or quarter break. A coordinated effort will make all the difference in the world when it comes to the flow of the game. From band dances to crowd getter cheers to motivational sound bites from your favorite movies, all of this should work together to keep your crowd engaged and invested.

No matter the outcome of the game, making the event “extra” creates an unforgettable, immersive experience your crowd will cherish forever. Good luck as you make your Trip to the ‘Ship!