Varsity Spirit Spectacular 2017

Varsity Spirit Spectacular 2017

Parade Day 1 – Team Mickey

Hip-Hip Hooray for Parade Day! Team Mickey is finishing up a quick rehearsal after breakfast and loading the busses to head to Magic Kingdom! 


The morning is filled with excitement and anticipation. Everything is starting to feel real and oh-so magical. Eyes and smiles glow with anticipation as the athletes enter the park and get their first sight of the castle. The morning is picturesque with beautiful skies and a perfectly warm weather.


Backstage the show directors give their final speeches of encouragement and buddies are keeping the energy high and giving final cheers. As the Buddies say their goodbyes and make their way to Main Street to claim a front row seat, the athletes are pumped with excitement and ready for the show! The gates open, the music blares and the march begins – it’s finally time!


Team Mickey shines as they march through the park hitting every motion in sync, sharply and right on point. The energy is off the charts and the view is stunning. Little girls and boys line the streets gazing at their role models with ear-to-ear grins soaking in the outstanding performance. Friends, families, coaches and spectators are capturing the moment and cheering along the way.


Before we knew it, the parade had finished but the smiles never faded. The feeling was incredible, the performance was perfect and the memories will last forever. The athletes will spend the day celebrating by enjoying all the magic Disney has to offer and tomorrow Team Minnie will recreate this unforgettable experience. Tune into @VarsitySpirit Snapchat and Instagram for coverage!