Skills and Drills - Transitions

Skills and Drills - Transitions

Inverted Split

[Caution: Cheerleading gymnastics, including stunts, pyramids and tumbling, should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult.]
This new transition in the Fairmont State College cheerleaders’ 2004 nationals routine is a visual way to get into an arabesque. Known for their innovative and high level All Girl partner stunts, baskets, and pyramids, Fairmont State impressed the crowd with their clean execution of this elite transition.

This transition involves inversion that is only allowed in Levels 3-5 of the USASF guidelines for all star cheerleading and at the college level. THIS STUNT IS ILLEGAL AT THE HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL.

The main base grabs the right foot with her right hand and places her left hand underneath the thigh of the top girl.

The side base places her right hand on the small of the top girl’s back.

The back spot stands next to the main base, and she places her left hand on the small of the top girl’s back and her right hand underneath her thigh.

The top girl extends her right leg out and puts both arms in front of her body.

The whole group takes a timing dip in preparation for the transition.

The side base places her left hand behind the thigh of the top girl’s standing leg as if she were spotting a back handspring.

Angle 1.
The bases and the back spot use the dip with their legs to lift the top girl up and back onto her hands, completely controlling the movement. Each of them holds the top girl in the exact places they started at.
The top girl takes a big jump, leans back, and places her hands above her head to prepare to land on the ground.

Angle 2.
When she touches the ground, the whole group absorbs again, lifting the top girl up and forward to a liberty load-in position.

The top girl stays tight and hollows her body out, pulling up with her shoulders to ger herself back over the bases.

As the group reaches the liberty load-in position, they immediately absorb with their legs...

...And go right up to an extended arabesque!