Skills and Drills - Transitions

Skills and Drills - Transitions

Split Transition

[CAUTION!: All cheerleading gymnastics, including partner stunts such as this one, should only be performed under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult. Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious, catastrophic injury or even death.]

Step 1
Start with a solid elevator to shoulders. In addition to the two side bases, there should be a base in front and back of the stunt.

Step 2
Make sure that the front and back bases have their hands up and are prepared to catch under the thighs of the top person.

Step 3
The bases dip together and turn to the positions shown below. It is important that the top person keeps her back upright as she lowers herself into the split position. She should ‘resist’ going to the splits so that the stunt is controlled. As she is lowered to the splits, her hands must make contact with the front and back bases for balance.

Notice the original bases’ hand/foot grip in the insets. The base holding the front leg of the split will release the heel and keep contact with the front of the foot. The hand that was on the heel goes under the leg of the top person. The base holding the back leg does the opposite. She holds the heel and releases the toe. This is a difficult position to hold, and care should be taken to keep the foot in the proper position shown (shoelaces down).

The four bases should make contact under the legs of the top person before the flyer is in the full split position and they should slow her down. As she hits the split, they dip together. As they pop her back up, the top person lifts with the shoulders and pulls her legs together for the bases. The outside bases step together and catch in the original elevator grip.

Quick Tip!: Before trying this stunt from beginning to end, just do each part by itself. Start in the elevator and transition to the split position. Stop there and make sure that the hand placement and grips are correct. From there, dip and go back to the elevator position. Once these two ‘building blocks’ are solid, then put them together!

Make sure you have spotters in front and back.

(Special thanks to Germantown High School and their former coach Les Stella!)