Skills and Drills - Transitions

Skills and Drills - Transitions

The Hip-Hopover Pyramid

[Caution: Cheerleading gymnastics, including stunts, pyramids and tumbling, should only be performed under the supervision of a qualified adult.]

When I see this variation on a tick tock pyramid, all I can think about is a dance move made famous by the late 80’s rap duo, Kid ‘n Play. The River Cities Senior All-Girl team, who competed in the first-ever Cheerleading Worlds last year, showed this pyramid transition at their UCA private camp at Snowshoe Mountain in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Their modern-day cheerleading version of this unforgettable dance move can only be called the “Hip-Hopover.”

This transition requires proficiency in liberty and elevator technique and involves a release move, as well as a tick tock.

Five groups set up in the formation shown (an additional group sets up for an extension directly behind the middle group. The middle and outside groups are set for elevators, and the two groups in between them are set for liberties.

The whole group loads into their respective stunts. They dip with their legs, using correct elevator and liberty technique, and build the pyramid.

In this beginning liberty pyramid, the top girls interlock arms for support. The girls in the liberties place their arms on top of the girls in elevators and grasp their hands around each other’s arms to keep the liberty top girls’ shoulders up and assist with balance. The outside elevators face in to the center of the pyramid, and the group in the back goes up to extension to give the pyramid depth and variety of levels.

In preparation for the tick-tock, the top girls in liberties extend their liberty leg straight out in front of them to accentuate the visual of the hopover.

With arms still interlocked, the top girls in the liberties cross their extended leg to the top girls in the outside elevators. With their free hand, the top girls in the outside elevators grasp the foot.

To prepare for the hopover, the liberty groups drop down to shoulders, absorbing with their legs for the pop.The top girls in the outside elevator remain in contact with the liberty foot.

The extension in the back drops down to an elevator load-in position and waits.

The bases drive the top girl up straight up and release the foot in their hands. They keep their arms up as she hops over her bent leg. As they catch the foot, the bases absorb with their legs to shoulder level.

The Top girl pulls up with her shoulders when popped. While keeping the crossed leg bent and in the hands of the top girl in the outside elevator, she pulls her standing leg up to her chest and over her bent leg, placing it back in the hands of her bases.

Once the foot has been caught, the liberty groups lower the foot down to shoulders, absorbing with their legs. The top girls in the outside elevators continue to hold the foot of the crossed leg. The elevator group in the back continues to wait in the load-in position.

Using the dip with their legs, the bases drive up and release the foot that the top girl hopped over. At the top, they catch the foot of the crossed leg that was being held by the top girls in the outside elevators. As they catch the foot they continue to drive up until their arms are completely extended in a liberty position.
As the bases drive up, the top person tick tocks her feet and places the foot that was crossed behind her (and being held by the girls in the outside elevators) into the hands of the bases.

As the top person switches her feet, the top girls in the outside elevators let go of the foot they are holding and grab the foot closest to them in a stag position with the same hand. Their other arm is still interlocked with the liberty top girl, providing support as she switches feet. The elevator group in the back dips and hits an extension.

The top girls release their interlocked arms and hit high V’s!

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