Browser Tips

Browser Tips

Scott Borgmier at 3:23pm 01/13/2015
Scott Borgmier at 3:23pm 01/13/2015

Browser Tips

Based on customer feedback, we’ve upgraded our camp search and registration site for maximum performance and functionality to help find information in the quickest amount of time. Unfortunately our site does not display properly when using the Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View. 

Disable Compatibility View

The process may be different for individual versions of IE. Here are a few examples:

Internet Explorer Version 11 (latest version):

(Compatibility View is set to "On" by Default)

Older Versions of Internet Explorer:

Click the Tools icon in the top bar and choose Compatibility View Settings.

Uncheck ‘Display internet sites in Compatibility View.' Click Close.


Use Another Browser

If you prefer not to disable the ‘Compatibility View’ in Internet Explorer, the browsers listed below function beautifully with our site. Click on the link to download and install any of the following browsers.