2016 Team Up for St. Jude

2016 Team Up for St. Jude

"Never Give Up" St. Jude Bows

These “Never Give Up” bows were specially designed by former  St. Jude patient and cheerleader, Breanna. Each piece of the bow was handpicked by Breanna in her very own Varsity Design Session. Each piece of the bows were handpicked by her in her very own Varsity Design Session.Take a moment to learn the story behind each bow, and how you can get yours this season. 

The story behind the bow: 

The purple and pink ribbons were chosen because they were Breanna’s favorite colors and the rhinestones were added because she fell in love with them. The orange Leukemia ribbon on the bows honors the type of cancer with which Breanna was diagnosed. This bow was created to encourage her fellow supporters and cheerleaders to “Never Give Up.” Everything about the bow is bright and fun to represent Breanna’s personality.

“Bree told me she enjoyed designing the bows, especially knowing this was to help St Jude. She wanted to inspire people to never give up. Bree couldn't wait until the bows were completed. She talked about these bows to friends, cheerleaders, patients and even her doctors. Bree was so very proud of the bows, and I want to continue to make her proud. Although she isn't here physically, I know she is watching over and smiling down on everyone who has and still is supporting her. I will forever be cheering for Breanna, but now Breanna is cheering for all of us to never give up.”

Dara, Bree’s mom and number one supporter. 

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