UCA & UDA 2017

UCA & UDA 2017

Building Your Team's Brand

Let’s be real, social media has, in a way, taken over our lives. It’s how we stay in touch with our friends and family, it’s the first place we go to hear about breaking news, it’s how we stay up to date with pop culture and as a dancers, how we follow our favorite dance idols and teams. Whether we are posting a status on Facebook, editing a picture for Instagram or sending out a Tweet, there are certain things we need to keep in mind as users of social media, as well as, ways we can use social media to build our brand as a school’s dance team. Here are some tips on how to build your team’s brand on social media.

Before we get into what you should be posting, here are a few tips of what to consider before you do press that publish button. These can be used on your team’s account or your personal account.

The three Ps:

  • Professional - is my post shinning a professional light on my self-image? If a future college or employer were to see this post would they find it to be a negative or positive representation of myself?
  • Personal - is my post too personal? Am I giving away too much personal info that I do not need to?
  • Purposeful - is there a purpose to my post? By posting this, am I accomplishing anything?

The Grandma Rule:

Before you post anything, ask yourself this question: would I be ashamed or embarrassed if I let my grandma see this? If there is any hesitation in answering this question it’s probably best to not share that on your social media accounts.

There are many things/ways you can post on social media to help your followers get to know your team while also showing the personality of your team. Below are some great things to post on your social channels. All of these things can be posted on any social channel as well.

Team Member Spotlights

Highlight a team member who has a birthday, is a senior, or conquered a new skill. 

Upcoming performances

Let your followers know when your team is going to be performing or competing. This may lead to a bigger audience for your team.

Team successes

How did you team do? Do you have a video clip of them performing at last Friday’s game? Post it! Just make sure it is good quality so your fans can see what is happening.

Academic Successes

Did you have a dancer get an academic (or dance) scholarship somewhere? Or have a huge success in the classroom? Post about it. Promote your team in a positive way. Show that your members aren’t just on the dance team, that they are successful in other ways too.

Be spirit leaders for other teams

Dancers help with spirit leading as much as cheerleaders do. Support your other teams or clubs in your school to bring your school together and create a positive environment. If you support others, they will most likely support you as well.

There are a ton of different ways you can promote your dance team on social media. Just make sure your posts reflect your team’s values and portrays them in a positive manner.

As far as your personal social media goes, it is important to remember that what we post on our social media accounts cannot only affect ourselves personally, but also others. What you say and do on social media is not only a representation of yourself but of your friends, family, school, dance team, etc. Be mindful that you would never want a negative light shed on other people who associate themselves with you. Finally, be very mindful of what you post because with today’s technology it will always be there. Once you’ve hit “post”, it will forever live in cyberspace. You may delete it but that no guarantee it cannot be recovered. All in all, think before you post!