NCA & NDA 2017

NCA & NDA 2017

From the Field to the Court : Transitioning to Basketball Season

As Ugg boots and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes make their way back to the spotlight, cheer squads start to prepare for the winter season, which can only mean one thing:  Basketball!

Cheering at a basketball game is much different than cheering at a football game. During football season, the crowd is further away and separated from you by a barrier, but in basketball it’s a much more intimate environment.

It’s the perfect time to show off that All-American smile and sharp motions! Make this season a slam-dunk with these 4 tips.

1. The change of environment from football to basketball can be intimidating but take advantage of the close proximity and interact with the crowd. Hand your poms to the little girl in the crowd wanting to be you, give your student section signs to hold during the game, or high five fans as you walk on and off the court. Want to score big? Go the extra mile by tossing out candy or t-shirts! Getting the crowd involved will keep the energy up and the gymnasium loud. Your basketball team will love the support.

2. Use poms, signs, megaphones, and flags to enhance the overall experience. Utilize these props to effectively lead the crowd. Make sure your signs are easy to read so everyone can cheer with you!

3. The echo of the gym makes for an authentic basketball experience but can make it difficult for the crowd to hear your chants and understand what you want them to cheer about. Speak loudly & clearly with your head up; break up each word so the crowd can follow along and cheer with you. Remember, when you cheer, make it clear!

4. Who doesn’t love the mascot? We have all experienced the power mascots can bring to a game and the impact they can make. Parents want to take pictures with them, and children want to hug them. Incorporate these crowd favorites into halftimes and timeouts; give them poms and props. Teach them motions of your top cheers and chants. Escort them into the stands to build crowd excitement and spirit. Never underestimate the magic of the mascot.

When the game tips off, it’s time to rally your team, motivate your fans, and energize the crowd. Cheerleaders and an enthusiastic crowd are the sixth player; influence the game by cheering and chanting for the team you love.